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If you own a boat or you are thinking about purchasing a watercraft in the near future, you may need to purchase boat insurance. This is coverage that provides benefits for liability, repair costs or even the complete replacement of the boat in some cases. From theft and vandalism to boating accidents and major weather events, there are many factors that can impact the condition of your boat, and boat coverage can decrease your risk for financial loss and liability for these and other events. 

It is important for all boat owners to learn more about the requirements that may be in place for boat insurance. In many states, boat coverage is required for certain types of vessels. The requirements may vary based on the size and type of boat as well as the type of waterway that the boat is used on. In addition to these requirements, boat lenders may also require that you carry coverage. Typically, state requirements are for liability insurance, which will pay others for any damage that you cause to another person while operating your boat. Lender requirements, on the other hand, may pay for damages done to your boat. 

You typically can adjust your coverage within certain limits, but you may have minimum coverage limits in place as required by your lender or your state. In addition, you may opt for additional coverage. For example, if your boat has a trailer, you may need coverage for your trailer. You may also insure the personal contents in the boat and purchase coverage for medical bills for yourself or passengers who are injured on the boat. In addition to selecting these optional coverages, you may also specify your deductible amount within a certain range offered by the insurance company. 

The fact is that you never know when disaster will strike or a mishap will occur with your boat. When misfortune strikes, your insurance coverage may pay for some or all of the related expenses, and this can be a true benefit to you. Take time to review your existing policy today, or begin exploring the coverage options available.


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