Give a Minute to Kick Cancer to the Curb

Campaign Update 4/30/15:

Thanks for all your help on our mission to help TANK! We are happy to inform you that his final Chemo treatment is DONE!



David (aka: Tank) is currently going through Chemo treatment in a battle with Cancer. Although these are troubling times, Tank and his family have faith that the grey will soon fade into green. 


As you know, battling Cancer is no easy task, and the medical costs do not help! Did you know, one minute of Chemo treatment is $39.23, and lasts for 4 hours. That is 240 minutes or $9415.20! We are on a mission to help David alleviate these costs. They have a $17,000 deductible to meet BEFORE insurance kicks in. Let's knock that deductible out!!!

Let us donate on your behalf!

We will be donating $10 for every recommendation you send our way & we will also be providing you with a $10 Gift Card as well!. It's that simple!

Click Here to recommend a family member or friend to our agency so we can donate $10 on your behalf and enter you into our Drawing to win a $250 Gift card. Giving has never been so easy!

You can also donate by Clicking Here

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